Maison Rosset, an emotional journey through history, tradition and authentic flavours

On the ground floor of the main building, once the manor house, are the dining rooms of the Maison Rosset farmhouse. During the 18th and 19th centuries, they were used as dining rooms for the farm workers. The agritourism restaurant offers menus that vary according to the seasons, respecting the culinary traditions of the region and making the most of the farm's produce.

In 1993, Camillo Rosset began the process of renovating the premises while maintaining intact the architectural features of the time: wooden floors, vaulted ceilings, and a fireplace that was always lit.

In 2012, the premises underwent a reorganisation and expansion while respecting the original architectural characteristics of the Maison.

The philosophy of our company has always been to work at the rhythms and in respect of the natural production cycle, a cycle in which nothing is wasted and each product is closely linked to the territory and the seasons, with a view to maximum well-being and quality, according to the most ancient traditions. Flavours change according to pasture heights and products are served according to actual seasonal production.


The Seasonal Tastes of Maison Rosset

History, tradition and authentic taste

Book a journey through time and taste at Maison Rosset, where the history and tradition of the Rosset family come together in a culinary experience unique to the Aosta Valley.