Authentic Valdostan gastronomy: from the traditions of black bread to the delights of our region

Brown bread

It is baked in our wood oven and we only use alder wood which is particularly suitable for bread baking, according to the Aosta Valley tradition and the rules of the Fete du Pan Ner. We mix rye flour and wheat flour. We grow rye in our fields next to the Observatory of Saint-barthelemy and wheat in the lowlands fields in Nus. We also serve our white bread which is baked in a gas oven daily.


“Tartlets” and sausages
Our savoury tartlets are made with brown bread, honey and butter from our production. We spread butter on a slice of brown bread and we put some lardo ( sort of bacon) on top.
Sausages and lardo are made with pork pieces from our animals. In accordance with the Aosta Valley traditions, we mix 50% pork and 50% beef to make our sausages.

Our board of selected cheese
Sylvie has recently completed a training course on cheese making and she has become part of our staff to manage the production of it.

Veggie flan
We make our veggie flans with the vegetables from our garden, following the seasonal cycles. Our hosts will have the opportunity to see and touch the quality of our products from the windows of our rooms.

They can be savoury or sweet according to the availability of our products: apples, courgette flowers, and other aromas of our garden.

First courses

At the end of the sixteenth century Georges of Challant used to have ravioli as part of his menu and our family has always prepared this kind of homemade pasta to celebrate important events. In our recipe we use a mix of beef, pork and borage leaves as a filling.

Main courses

We always serve beef, veal or pork chunks with our traditional Polenta that we cook in our wood oven.

Ice cream Maison

We make it with our cows’ milk.

Herbal tea

A very healthy infusion made with wild herbs which grow spontaneously in the fields.


History, tradition and authentic taste

Book a journey through time and taste at Maison Rosset, where the history and tradition of the Rosset family come together in a culinary experience unique to the Aosta Valley.