Nus and surroundings

A holiday off the beaten path

If you choose to stay in the central part of the Aosta Valley, you will have the precious opportunity, being indeed a curious traveller, to discover and appreciate some unique and unknown gems which are normally off the mainstream tourist destinations.
You will then meet places of an authentic natural beauty which have been underrated from mass tourism to promote a more sustainable way to travel. Hidden places which have preserved their unique alpine allure and are ready to charm the curious traveller with unexpected surprises and the view of a wilder nature.


Saint-Barthélemy Valley

All year long you will enjoy the natural beauty of the Saint-Barthélemy Valley: in all its small hamlets you will have the opportunity to admire the thousands of colours of the spring and summer alpine blossoming, the feuillage of golden and orange larches which seem to wear the colours of sunset in autumn, walking along paths where you will regenerate your mind and sight, as far as the pristine winter fields.
Sporty people could definitely vent on a breathtaking 30-km cross-country ski track (link), or explore the several impressive winter paths with their snowshoes or rackets (link), surrounded by stunning landscapes. In this resplendent scenery, you will have the chance to discover some unspoilt places in which tourism and nature coexist in mutual respect; e.g. some mountain huts at different altitudes offer the opportunity to have a meal at the end of your sports
The small hamlet called Lignan is situated up in the mountains on a natural panoramic balcony in front of the Mont Emilius. Here, you could have a look at The Castelliere, a very interesting archaeological site dating back to the protohistoric and pre celtic age. In addition to that, The Astronomical Observatory and the modern Planetarium of the Fondation Fillietroz- certified by the UNESCO as Starlight Stellar Park link thanks to their project aiming at reducing the local light pollution - offer daily and night visits.
Hikers could choose Nus as an ideal departure point to discover the famous via Francigena (link), being one of the most picturesque part with its small hamlets, vineyards and forest areas. The cammino balteo (link) The Alta Via n. 1 (link), and an interesting bike trail link are also part of the municipality so that everyone may find the most suitable solution according to their fitness and training level, in every season.

Other attractions nearby

A lot of small villages nearby offer some interesting tourist attractions as well: Fénis is well-known for its impressive mediaeval castle but also for two other cultural and natural resources: The MAV ( Musée de l’Artisanat) and the wild gorgeous Clavalité Valley; Saint-Marcel will tempt the greediest ones with its famous Via del Prosciutto ( a particular type of ham) but is also known for its famous ancient mines which are rich in unique minerals, the Sanctuary of Plout, the Turati Reservation, situated at a higher altitude in the valley, a multitude of superbly renovated hamlets under the spectacular Mont Emilius massif.

History, tradition and authentic taste

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