The farm is 'the beating heart of the company'.

This is a mainly zootechnical activity centred on the production of cheese, dairy products, meat, cured meats, eggs; fruit and vegetable production and arable crops. Most of the products are used in the preparation of the typical recipes proposed in the Maison Rosset restaurant. In recent times, the farm has expanded by investing resources in wine production.
Our farm cultivates one hectare of vineyard and the wine is only made for the Maison guests because the quantity is not sufficient to sell it, and it is a six-vineyard ensemble.

Our livestock farm follows the European project on the welfare of animals, which are bred 100% on our hay and with a small addition of feed. The farm also has a small dedicated barn that houses six pigs in rotation throughout the year, fed with the whey from our milk, which, instead of being wasted and treated as cheese processing waste, is used in this way in a sustainable and self-producing way in a healthy circular economy.

The eggs used are from our hens who have a 'chalet' near the stables.

Milk and cheese
Fruit and vegetables

History, tradition and authentic taste

Book a journey through time and taste at Maison Rosset, where the history and tradition of the Rosset family come together in a culinary experience unique to the Aosta Valley.