Maison Rosset

“En pleine forme”
run by Patrick

Inside the wellness area, our guests can choose among different options to heal their body and mind through personal trainings and a wide choice of massage therapies.

Maison Rosset “en Pleine Forme” features a well equipped gym, two massage rooms as well as two locker rooms that are refined in every detail and luxury comforts: body lotions, hair-dryer, shower gel, lockers, shower cabins.

The personal trainer designs safe and effective individual and small group exercise fitness programmes, tailored to the customers’ needs.

During the week, we offer other classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Women self-defense, massage courses.


“Maison Rosset en Pleine Forme” has also become a stop-over for people/pilgrims walking along the Via Francigena when they need to relax. They will be able to choose among special treatments in a warm and professionnal environment.

For further information and booking, please call the following number: +39.340.6964895

The two rooms inside the structure are used for massages:

Traditional massage (30 minutes)
the massage therapist will focus on one or two parts of the body at your choice.

Traditional massage (60 minutes)
This massage improves circulation, promotes general relaxation and relieves muscular tension.

Relaxation massage (60 minutes)
indulge yourself with a total relaxation massage and be pampered with a face massage too.

Sports massage (60 minutes)
it relieves pain and muscle tension to benefit athletes or people involved in regular physical activity.

Massage “apres-ski” (60 minutes)
this massage is especially dedicated to the skiers of the Saint-Barthélemy Valley.

Deep-tissue massage (60 minutes)
focusing on the stiffest parts of your body such as the neck/back and shoulders.

Couple’s massage (60 minutes)
your partner and you will be on tables side-by-side in a shared room to celebrate a special occasion.

Personal trainer


Functional training

Personal trainer


Functional training